Memorial Room MEMORIES

On the occasion of 2. anniversary of the opening of the funeral home MEMORIES we want to introduce you a new product that demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement of our services.

We have opened our own small memorial hall in which the bereaved can say goodbye to their loved ones in a narrow family circle. We offer the possibility of a dignified farewell in complete privacy with a capacity of 12 seats. The funeral act can take place without ceremonial requirements, or as a standard ceremony including music, presentation of photos or video.

Our intention is to do our best continuously to provide high quality and professional services that will lead to an increase in the level of satisfaction of our customers.


"I see the expansion of our services as a way of thanking to all those who have so far turned to our funeral home with confidence. I also greatly appreciate the positive reviews. For the whole team, I can say that we are very pleased and that it makes us feel even more obliged. That's why we try to make everything perfect. From the approach of the staff, communication with the bereaved to the flawlessly done work and perfectly prepared premises and vehicles.”

Petr Kelner, the owner of the funeral home MEMORIES



Our own refrigerating and freezing equipment 2019


Since its opening, MEMORIES Funeral Home has been constantly working on the improvement and expansion of its services. We want to offer comprehensive care not only for the bereaved, but also for the deceased, using the most modern methods and technologies.

After a year and a half, we are one step further again. From 1. August 2019 we have in operation our own modern preparation room for the treatment of the deceased with refrigerating and freezing equipment. We are the only funeral service in Krnov that has absolute control over the deceased person. Despite the various obstacles and prejudices of our fellow citizens, we have succeeded. We are glad that common sense has prevailed over petitions that were to senselessly prevent a service that is so much needed for all.

Several facts led us to this step. The town of Krnov has refrigerating and freezing equipment with a so-called preparation room at the town cemetery. This facility, however, is jointly rented by three funeral services. In addition, the room for the treatment of deceased persons there is completely unsatisfactory.

And such an environment is unacceptable to us!

Even after death, it is necessary to treat the deceased with respect and provide him with care at the highest professional level. We take pride in the dignified treatment of the deceased and the above-standard treatment of the body, which we try to carry out according to the individual wishes of the bereaved. That is why it is important for us that all these services take place in our own modern facilities and under our strict control.

The process of adjusting the deceased person is very demanding. Our goal is that when exposed, the deceased person looks natural, like sleeping, so that the look of the deceased person does not traumatize the family. Such treatment is called a higher hygienic provision. The owner of the funeral home MEMORIES Petr Kelner is certified to fulfil such treatment. This modern method of caring about the deceased is based on a special cosmetic and physiological treatment of the entire body of the deceased, but especially the face and hands. The deceased is prepared for the ceremony perfectly clean and well-groomed. It will never happen at our funeral home that under the clothes will remain hidden intravenous cannulas, incontinence diapers, catheter, etc. What is common elsewhere is unacceptable to us!

We also specialize in the treatment and reconstruction of the bodies after accidents, autopsy, etc.

We are aware that the death and departure of a loved one is still a topic in society that most of the population likes to avoid, but sooner or later it will affect each of us to some extent. Our mission is to help the bereaved so that at this painful moment all those involved can say a dignified farewell to their beloved deceased.

Note: the exhibition of the deceased or opening of the coffin before or during the ceremony, is carried out by our funeral home in accordance with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic.






In the days of 14.-16. In June 2019 we participate in the International Funeral Fair in Kielce. We always discover something new to improve our services …







From 16-17. 11. 2018 we visited the International Funeral Fair in Poznan. We attended some interesting workshops.

We are constantly trying to improve our services and this fair was an inspiration for us.





On 10.11. 2018 we attended another funeral fair in Trencin.






Our company participated in the BEFA FORUM 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was very inspiring for us. We gained many important contacts for possible cooperation. Our goal is the development of the MEMORIES Funeral Home, we want to offer our clients the highest quality services.






FUNERAL FAIR-The Last Journey 2018


As in any other field, in the funeral industry the time is moving forward. There are many ways to do things differently and better. That's why we attended this fair, which was a great inspiration for us.