About the company

At the beginning of February 2018, we opened the Memories Funeral Home in Krnov. We responded to the amendment of the law on funeral services and thus we managed to open the service according to new rules and standards, being the first to obtain the operating rules approved by the regional sanitary station.

We offer complex funeral services throughout the Czech Republic. We have all the equipment we need to care for the deceased. The owner obtained a diploma in performing of higher hygienic care and embalming of the deceased. He specializes also in reconstructions of the deceased after accidents, injuries and after autopsy.

We have our own refrigerating and freezing equipment and a certified embalming room.

We regularly participate in international funeral fairs, we are constantly trying to improve our services. Our employees have 15 years of experience in the field.

We see our work as a mission to prepare the deceased for the last journey so that everything goes with dignity. The loss of a loved one is a moment of crisis for the bereaved. It is our duty to help them and ease the situation as much as possible...