Funeral services

Non-stop transportation all over the Czech Republic and abroad

we are top professionals in the care and treatment of the deceased

(including reconstructions e.g. after accidents, injuries )

qualified staff with more than 15 years of experience in the field

funerals in churches, ceremonial halls and crematoriums throughout the Czech Republic

if necessary, we can arrange a funeral at your home

we provide a pre-paid funeral

funerals at weekends

a priest

a speaker

a death notice (broad choice) - express printing with photo

a death notices in newspapers, on our website, in a display case

 reproduced music and brass music

flower arrangements, binding of funeral wreaths, bouquets,

 excavation of the grave and stonework

a video projection


a photographer, videorecording

transportation to crematorium

delivery of urns

coffins including equipment

decorative urn wraps

execution of all official requirements related to the death and state administration

an adviser for the bereaved  

We have our own refrigerating and freezing equipment

and a memorial hall