International transports


MEMORIES Funeral Home provides international transportation by hearse or aircraft (worldwide). At the same time, we handle all the necessary documents and permits for transportation, as well as for burial.

We provide transportation of the deceased both from the Czech Republic and from abroad to the Czech Republic.

If there is a need for transportation of the deceased and other services, you can contact us:

Tel: +420 703 12 13 13


For our foreign partners we provide:

  • Complete assistance for international transport of the deceased from the Czech Republic to abroad.
  • We will provide you with all documentation and permits for the transportation of the deceased.
  • We will pick up the body anywhere in the Czech Republic, so that it is ready for you to transport in our car with cooling equipment.
  • On request, we provide higher hygiene treatment and cosmetics, embalming.
  • Complete transportation of the deceased by car with cooling.
  • Complete transfer of the deceased by aircraft. We will provide you with all documentation and permits.
  • We will arrange the cremation of the deceased in the Czech Republic and together with the completed documentation we will send the urn by post or by air anywhere, depending on the destination.